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Here’s my self-congratulatory post for hitting a goal I set for myself: set up my own site and post 30 articles. It’s been a pretty long journey over the last couple of months… getting started was especially hard. I was full of insecurity – would my articles be interesting enough people would read them? Would anyone give a shit what I had to say? Would I run out of ideas and struggle to write anything (answer: fuck no. I have 70 half-written drafts and a notebook with 54 more ideas). Would I actually make a difference and help guys with their goals, or was it just a waste of time?

More than anything, I was terrified I’d suck at this – my very first article Give Yourself Permission to Suck was me giving myself a pep talk. I had to force myself to take that leap of faith and just start writing, regardless of quality. I had to put in the work, and trust the results would naturally follow. Just like everything in life, I had to trust I’d get better over time.

In the time since, I’ve put out quite a few articles I’m genuinely proud of. I poured my heart into You and Me, and it’s been the article that’s had the most responses. The comments below it are great; I’ve also had a bunch of guys email me specifically about it, telling me how they’ve implemented the concept of “being on the same team” into their life and had amazing experiences because of it. There’s also a thread about it on the Good Looking Loser forums. It’s fucking awesome knowing other guys have been able to drop the mask, stop the games and just be real with girls. It takes a HELL of a lot of courage to be that vulnerable, and I’m proud as hell of the guys who’ve been able to do it (you know who you are).

Writing itself has also given me daily direction and helped me flesh out a lot of concepts for myself. They say the best way to learn is to teach; absolutely true.

I’ve also had 4 people pay me for email and Skype coaching, which has been an awesome experience, and something I’m excited to do more of. Helping guys is the entire reason I set up this site, and my goal is to eventually earn enough to quit work and make this my full time job. I want to dedicate my life to helping other dudes, because a hell of a lot of guys spent a hell of a lot of time and effort helping me. I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.

I also have to give a huge thanks to my good friend Javier. He was the entire reason I set up this site – he encouraged me many times times until I finally gave in and said, “Fine, I’ll start a blog just to shut you up”. Really appreciate you mate, we’ve been through hell together and I’m proud of where you’ve ended up. I know you’ll achieve great things in the future.

Where to from here?

I’m currently writing a 6-part BDSM guide, a 4-part Tinder guide and a 3-part 3some guide. They’re taking a while because I’m making them very in-depth; I want them to be the go-to guides for each subject. I’ll also be posting plenty of shorter articles and guides on here in the mean time, and working on building up the number of guys I’m coaching.

We’re just getting started.