Looking to upgrade your life to the next level? Need some advice from somebody who’s been in your shoes and overcome the same hurdles you’re going through? I’m available for coaching – online and in the real world – on any subject of your choosing.

Get in contact with me here and let’s get you started.

Skype/Email Coaching

I’m available for coaching and advice on anything you see on this site (3somes, BDSM, Tinder, taking photos, beating Approach Anxiety, gym, losing weight, fashion, self-development, mental health) or anything else you’d like to talk about.

  • Email consultations start at $20/hr.
  • Skype/Whatsapp calls start at $25/hr.
  • Professional image editing (image brightening, filters, muscle enlargement, advanced image retouching, background removal, colour changes, etc for your Tinder pics) starts at $25/hr. I have a photography portfolio of over 500 heavily-Photoshopped images; I know what I’m doing.

In-person Coaching (Melbourne, Australia)

If you live in Melbourne, or can travel, I’ll take you out for one-on-one coaching on any subject of your choosing.

  • Photoshoots for Tinder pics: I’m a professional photographer by trade. We’ll go out and shoot a variety of photos for your Tinder profile. Professional Photoshoots/Photoshopping start at $30/hr
  • Cold approaching girls: With 1000 approaches under my belt and 100+ total lays from online+cold approach combined, you’ll be learning from someone legit. I’ll take you out, show you how it’s done, and help you talk to girls yourself. Even if you’ve never hit on a single girl in your life, I absolutely promise you I’ll get you one girl’s number at a minimum (as long as you’re willing to give it a real go). Cold approaching coaching starts at $30/hr.

Get in contact with me here and let’s get you started.