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Looking for a decent camera + lens to take high-quality Tinder pics with? This is a quick and dirty guide to grabbing yourself a DSLR camera and lens that’ll do the job nicely. You don’t need the latest, most expensive camera – just a solid DSLR with a quality lens.

Camera Body:

Buy the Nikon D7000 camera body (only buy the camera body, without any “kit lens”. Lenses that come with the camera are never as good for taking portraits.)

Nikon D7000

A new one on Amazon will set you back around $859 USD (buy it new here). I recommend buying a second-hand one though, as you’ll save a tonne of money.
Here’s a list of second-hand ones on Amazon (at the time of writing, they start at $269 USD. Much more reasonable.) Used is perfectly fine for camera bodies – I’ve had my camera for 9 years and it still works perfectly.

Review of the camera body.


Buy the Nikon 50 mm f/1.8 AF D lens.

Nikon 50 mm f/1.8 AF D

Buy it on Amazon here for around $130 new (cheaper if you buy a used one). I recommend buying this new – you’ll only save around $30 buying a used one, but lenses tend to damage a lot more easily than the camera body. So a used one may have scratches/dust which may show up in your photos.

The 50mm fixed focal range of this lens is perfect for portraits. The aperature opens all the way up to f1.8 (don’t worry if you don’t know what that means), so you’ll get that awesome blurry background effect in your photos.

Read a review of the lens.

Total price: A used camera body + a new lens = $399 + shipping. Very reasonable for an awesome camera you’ll be able to keep for the next 5-10 years. And a tiny investment if it means you go on to get laid a bunch of times from it.

The reason I’m suggesting this camera + lens is because it’s the exact combo I use 99% of the time, so I know it’s perfect for our purposes of taking portraits for Tinder. And if there’s anything you’re not sure about in using the camera, I can easily help out in the comments section below.

Photos Taken with this Combo:

Here’s a few photos I’ve taken with this exact combo:

Pretty much every other photo I have on this site was taken with the same camera+lens combo.

I’m a photographer so I know what I’m doing though. A better example is from two of my mates who I’ve recommended this combo to. Both of them had NO experience using a DSLR, and taught themselves by taking literally thousands of photos. Here’s some shots they’ve both done:

So if two complete amateurs can take great photos with just a couple months practice, you sure as hell can too. And it just so happens I’ve written a guide on doing just that:

How to Take Great Tinder Photos

Any questions? Drop them in the comments section below or send me a private message.