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This page contains NSFW pics.

If you want people to take you seriously and not treat you like “just another guy on the net talking about getting laid without showing any proof”, then taking nude pics of girls in your bed is the best way to legitimise yourself and show other guys you take getting laid seriously.

Taking yourself more seriously when it comes to getting laid means you’ll be more invested, will put more effort in, and go 100% “all in”. It’s hard to get a lot of pussy (100+ lays) without being all-in.

Luckily it’s not even remotely hard to take nude pics of girls – you literally just have to ask. My buddy just straight up says “Yo, you’re super hot – lemme take a pic real quick. Cover your face if you want.”

I do similar – I tend to be a very complimentary person – I give a lot of compliments to people in my life. So it’s very easy for me to say during sex, “You’re so insanely sexy, you’re turning me on like crazy! Seriously, wait right here.” I’ll go grab my phone, come back & say, “You’re so sexy I HAVE to take a photo of your incredibly body.”

Sometimes the girls will be a little shy, but I’ll say, “No I’m fucking serious, I’m taking a photo, you are way too hot – I have to remember this moment.” If she’s nervous about the idea, I’ll tell her, “I’ll put the blindfold on you so nobody will recognise you.”

Then I’ll take the picture.

God, I used to be such a fatty.

If she’s still shy, then get under the blankets with her so you’re both covered, and tell her you want a selfie with her (of just your faces). Your bodies will be covered up but it’ll be obvious you’re both naked in bed, which is proof enough. Most girls are pretty cool with this – it’s just a selfie.

(Obvious caveat: if she’s serious about not having a photo taken, I won’t.) It should go without saying, but do not ever force the girl into having her photo taken; you’re aiming to encourage her to show herself off for you. You want her to feel good about herself; not used. You’re on the same team, remember. Some girls are not ok with you taking a nude pic; respect that.

Another thing you can do is tell her you want to take some photos of her and do an actual “photoshoot”; meaning it’s explicitly obvious you’ll be taking nude photos of her. A lot of girls love the idea; especially if you try and make the photos a little artsy.

This is something on my list of missions for this year; to create a tonne of BDSM art. I’ve done a few so far, including:

A Good Girl
A Good Girl

The Takeaway

So if you want to take nude photos of girls, you literally just have to ask for it. Guys tend to overthink it and ask me, “How can I convince a girl to let me take nude photos of her?” It’s not something you have to “trick” her into doing… Just use your words and ask like an adult.

The worst that could happen is she says no.