I’m going to keep this updated regularly with my current Tinder pics/bio. Your Tinder should be in a constant process of being improved over time, regularly updating it with better pics that show off your improving physique, your more interesting hobbies, etc. Over time you’ll figure out what works & what doesn’t work. Don’t let your profile (or anything in your life) stagnate.

Each time my Tinder profile goes through a major improvement, I’ll post the new profile on here and move the old one to the bottom of this page.

My Bumble profile is exactly the same as my Tinder profile, but I don’t use any BDSM photos. They keep getting flagged as “Inappropriate”.

Current Profile (as of 13th December, 2018):

  1. BDSM photo: My main photo. This catches the eye of a lot of girls, especially late at night on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday night when they’re drunk and a little horny. It also instantly telegraphs what I’m about, so there’s absolutely no doubt. There’s a tonne of girls who sit around daydreaming about 50 Shades of Grey, being tied up and spanked, being roughed up, etc. I can’t tell you how many girls I bang who say, “As soon as I saw your BDSM picture I knew I had to finally explore this side of myself.” I plan to always keep this as my main photo. Update: A few people have tried using this same BDSM photo and had their account banned. I’ve never had an issue with it, but be warned you may want to forgo the BDSM pic if you’re worried about being banned.
  2. Gym: A somewhat-goofy photo of me in sneakers, jeans, a beanie, gold watch etc picking up some heavy-ass weight. It shows I go to the gym, and coupled with my first BDSM photo shows I’ll be able to easily physically dominate the girls I sleep with. And it’s also a little more lighthearted/silly than your average gym selfie. At some point I’ll replace this with an even sillier one – eg maybe me wearing a full suit while deadlifting or something similar.
  3. Modelling photo: A decent street shot of me trying to look cool. I’ll definitely replace this with a better one.
  4. Pink wig: Girls love this one. It’s a crazy photoshoot I did a few years back, with teddy bears having a tea party and plenty of confetti flying around. Shows off a silly side of me, which is a nice counterbalance to the first two photos. I plan to keep this one.
  5. Douchebag bathroom selfie: Again, showing I have a body and can dominate girls. I’ll replace this with a better photo soon, especially as I’m now leaner and have a tattoo (girls love tatts).
  6. Outdoors with camera: Decent outdoors photo showing I’m a photographer. Plan on replacing this soon, as it was taken years ago before I started going to the gym.
  7. Bar: Girls occasionally comment on this because I’m in a bar wearing headphones – they ask if I’m a DJ (I’m not). Definitely replacing this; it’s not a great photo.
  8. Newspaper “weirdo” photo: Another silly photoshoot I did, shows my creative side just like the pink wig photo. Girls dig it. I’ll keep this one.

There’s clearly a lot of improvements to be made; my photos aren’t even remotely perfect. As I’ll go into detail further below, you should be constantly looking for ways to improve your photos to get more (and hotter) matches over time.

Photos I plan on adding: I’m getting a second tattoo in the next few months and want to show off my two tattoos in some way. A tonne of girls love tatts. I’ll take a better gym photo. I’ll steal somebody’s dog and take a photo with it (for some reason girls have this obsession with dogs on Tinder). I’ll take a photo with mates or girls – every single one of my photos shows only me, so I sorta look like a bit of a loner. I’ll take a photo of me rockclimbing, as it’s an interesting hobby and will show off my physique.

Remember: Constant process of improving/upgrading over time.


Putting “Model” as my job description has definitely gotten slightly more matches, even though it’s not my day job and is more a hobby.

If you’re a tall guy, it’s worth putting your height in your bio somewhere; a tonne of girls will only match with tall guys, especially if they’re tall themselves. If you’re 5ft10/5ft11, buy height-increasing shoes (or inserts). Many of them can make you 3 inches taller. Then put your height as 6ft in your bio. If you’re shorter than 5ft10, just leave your height out.

The line about pulling hair instantly tells girls what I’m looking for, so I never match with any girls who are hunting for boyfriends or “nice guys”.

Marketing Yourself:

Your tinder profile is basically a sales pitch. You’re selling not only yourself, but THE BEST VERSION of yourself.

So no matter who you are in real life, Tinder offers you a chance to market yourself as something more. If you’re a bit of a loner in real life, it doesn’t even remotely matter when it comes to getting laid on Tinder. Just give the appearance of being a cool, chilled guy and that’s what people will assume you are.

Remember, girls spend hundreds/thousands of hours practicing putting on makeup, dressing themselves to show off their best assets, taking thousands (millions?) of selfies until they get the perfect angle/lighting/pose/etc. Girls are natural experts at marketing, so you should be too. Put as much time and effort into marketing yourself on Tinder as you can.

In late 2017/early 2018, I looked like absolutely shit (skinny-fat, you couldn’t see what little muscle I had). Here’s a photo taken at home:

Pretty damn below-average.

Pretty shit, right? But go back and look at my Tinder pics – I’ve done a lot to market myself as a whole lot sexier than the crappy picture above. In my Tinder pics, I look great. That’s all that really matters. You need to do the same – market yourself in the best possible light. Sell yourself.

Another thing you need to think about is how you’re marketing your intentions. I’m purely going for sex/friends with benefits. In no way shape or form and I advertising myself as a boyfriend. I’m selling “Fuckboy Andy”.

It’s a combination of things – my cheeky bio about pulling hair. My not-so-subtle BDSM main profile picture. The fact I don’t look like a “nice guy” in any of my pics. My confident/masculine body language in every pic. And of course the very-sexual opening line I send to girls (more on that below).

If you don’t feel confident enough to be super sexual, I’d still recommend being as sexy/confident/masculine as you possibly can (and making it something you try very hard to improve over time). Just because you want a girlfriend doesn’t mean you should advertise yourself as “Mr Safe” or “Boyfriend Material”. In fact, you’ll do much better at finding a girlfriend if you’re as masculine and sexual as possible (see: Aggressive Game Only Gets Sluts?)

Remember, all of this is a gradual gradual process of improving. You improve your pics, improve how aggressive/ruthless you are, improve your standards for girls you bang, improve how quickly you ask for a number, improve what you say to girls, improve your confidence, etc. You don’t have to be perfect at the start.

Distance and Age Settings:

I have my age on Tinder set to 25 (I’m actually 31 as of writing this). Setting it to 25 or younger means you’ll match with far more 18-25 year olds (I don’t generally like girls older than 25). If a girl is 25 or under, when she signs up to Tinder the default search range for her will only show 18-25yo guys. Most girls don’t even think to change it, so if your age is over 25 you simply won’t be shown to younger girls.

Set your age to 25 (you may have to make a new Facebook account with age set to 25), then pay for Tinder Gold and hide your age:

Don't Show My Age

(Of course if any girls ask your age, tell them your real age. It’s easier than lying).

I have my distance set quite close (10km radius) as I’ve found girls who live further away are harder to meet up with.

Distance Settings

Boosts/Superlikes/Tinder Gold:

Tinder Gold: You should absolutely pay for Tinder Gold. Unfortunately as a man you won’t have any sort of success on Tinder without it (unless you’re a celeb/really really really good looking), so it’s a given. The ability to see which girls have liked you is mandatory. You’ll get 5 free superlikes a day, and if you have a decent profile, at least 1 of those superlikes will result in a match each day. You get a free boost each month as a nice extra bonus.

Boosts: Buy 1 or 2 a week and use them strategically, they’re bloody brilliant. I usually use 2 a week – late on a Friday and Saturday night. I’ve found the best time to boost is between 10pm and 2am Friday/Saturday. Sunday during the morning/afternoon is decent too.

Bare in mind I have a very sexual Tinder profile, especially with the BDSM pic as my main pic. So I have massive success on a Friday/Sat night, when girls are tipsy/lonely/horny. Use a boost and you’ll get at least 5 phone numbers per night within the space of 30 minutes (assuming you have good/sexual pics). This is why I advocate all guys have a sexual profile – you don’t want to be Mr Safe and Boring when all the girls are tipsy and horny late at night.

Superlikes: I don’t buy any extra ones; the 5 free each day are more than enough. Each day at least 1 of the 5 superlikes will result in a match, and these girls tend to be more likely to meet up.

What I Say:

I screen very hard for girls who are DTF and into trying BDSM. I copy-paste the same message to every girl:

Me: “Hey babygirl, you’re sexy. I’m Andy. I’m looking for something very specific on here.”
Her: “What’s that?”
Me: “Have experience with being submissive/BDSM, or is it something you’d like to be taught?”
[If she’s down, I grab her number and get her to meet up with me for sex (I explicitly tell her we’ll be having sex).]

In a separate article, I’ll go into how I get matches and more of what I say to the girls I match with/get numbers from. As well as how many girls reply to my messages, how many ignore/unmatch me, etc.

Want Personalised Help with Your Tinder Profile?

Need a bit of a hand choosing/taking your Tinder photos, or unsure what to say to girls, or have any other sort of questions about any of this? Contact me (or leave a comment below) and I’d be happy to help.

Archived Profiles:

August 2018 profile:

Here were my thoughts behind the photos/bio, from a conversation I had with a few friends:

I look like a really fucking cool, really fucking interesting guy with a tonne of different hobbies. Every single photo shows off a different hobby. The pink wig one is random as fuck. I have one showing me with a camera. One of me modelling. One of bdsm. One of me in a bar, girls ask “are you a DJ?” One of me weightlifting. I have “crime fighter” in my job description which a tonne of girls ask about (I tell them I’m batman, and they have to promise not to tell anyone). My bio is also really cheeky with the hair pulling thing. I put my height (I lied, im 6ft2). If you’re shorter than 6ft just lie and put 6ft in your bio, and buy those platform shoes that make you taller).