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Tinder photos not quite getting you laid? Images too dark, too filter-less, too grainy? Send them my way and I’ll work my Photoshop magic, polishing them til they shine.

Get in contact with me by clicking here and we’ll discuss pricing & how many photos you need edited.

I offer the following services and more:

Complete Professional Retouching

I’ll go in and work my Photoshop magic on your pics – removing background clutter, tweaking the brightness, saturation, colours and contrast, Photoshopping out any facial blemishes (acne scars, pimples, etc), add filters, and more.

I’ll also hand-paint light and dark areas to simulate professional studio lighting for an ultra high-class result.

I added a sky (before it was overblown and completely washed out), brightened up his face and clothes, added a couple of filters. We’ve gone from a basically unusable photo to one that’s pretty impactful and dramatic.
Heaps of work done on this one.
Cleaned up some messy elements (removed a light post in the background, cleaned up some tufts of grass in the bottom of the pic).
Fixed up the sky; added blue, made the clouds visible instead of blown out like they were before.
Did some hand-painted “dodging and burning” to simulate professional studio lighting on his face.
Brightened up his face and pants (pants were totally black before).
Added hand-drawn highlights to his face, made the colours in his shirt pop.
Hand-painted some yellow on some of the trees to subtly make it look like Autumn.
Added filters, played with the colours and saturation.

Background Blurring/De-cluttering

Got a tonne of distrating clutter in the background of your pics? I’ll use my Photoshop magic to erase distractions and blur the background, leaving a cleaner photo where you’re the centre of attention.

Blurred the background and added a few filters. The blurry background gives it a much more professional feel, like it was shot with a proper DSLR instead of a cheap phone.
Hand-drawn blurry background to simulate a proper professional camera (photo was taken on a smartphone).

Brightening Your Images

The number 1 mistake guys make on Tinder is having extremely dark photos where you can’t see a damn thing. Send me your dark photos and I’ll brighten them up in Photoshop so they’re actually usable.

Brightened up in Photoshop and blurred the background. Notice hit wetsuit – on the left, you can’t even make out any detail, but on the right you can easily make out the pattern. His face is also a million times easier to see on the right.


I’ll add filters effects to your photos to really make them pop. Not just the generic filters on your phone, but I’ll go in and customise the contrast, saturation, brightness, colour balance, sharpening and more by hand.

Photoshopping You to Look Buffer

Got a decent physique but wish you looked a little bigger in pics (Don’t we all?) I’ll subtly increase the size and tone of your muscle, without going overboard – you’ll look realistic (just jacked). I’ll improve your vasularity, making the veins on your arms really pop like you’ve just done a grueling workout.

His pecs, abs and arm “pop” much more – I’ve also blurred the background to make him stand out more.
Especially check out the veins on the lower arm - I made them pop in Photoshop.
Especially check out the veins on the lower arm – I made them pop in Photoshop.

Get in contact with me by clicking here and I’ll get you to send me the photos you need jazzed up.