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I regularly hear this from guys: “I’m in my late 20’s, it’s too late for me to get laid with 18-25yo girls now.” It’s a ridiculous, self-defeating piece of propaganda they’re feeding themselves (usually so they don’t have to put in the effort and try to get laid.)

Worrying about your age or her age is completely useless. You’re focusing on something you can’t change, which is pointless and you’ll only use it as an excuse to not talk to girls and try and get laid. The more you focus on it and obsess about it, the more insecure and neurotic you’ll come across – especially if it’s something you really worry about. A girl will jokingly say, “You’re old lol!” and instead of taking it as a fun bit of harmless teasing, you’ll get all butthurt about it and make things weird.

If you’re convinced girls won’t like you because of your age, you’ll create a self-fulfilling prophecy. You’ll get what you subconsciously believe; girls will think you’re too old for them, because you’re the one making a big deal of it. You’re turning a molehill into a mountain.

I’m the opposite – I know I’m becoming more attractive as I enter my early-30’s. I’m a more confident man, I look better, I’m working out at the gym, I know how to get laid with no effort, I have more friends than when I was younger, I dress better, people look up to me as a mentor, I have more hobbies & girls love me. I expect the majority of girls to like the fact that I’m older, and guess what – they do like it. My stubborn refusal to believe anything except “girls love me being older” means I filter in girls who don’t care about age and I don’t even notice the ones who think I’m “too old”.

Girls who think I’m “too old” don’t matter to me because I filter them out immediately – I literally don’t even know they exist. They’re not part of my world.

I used to be very insecure about my age when I was in my mid to late 20’s. I felt old and was convinced no girls would like me. I was partly correct – girls didn’t like me, but it was because I was fat, unconfident, boring, had no friends, had no social skills, had very little sexual experience. The fact I was obsessed with & insecure about my age pushed them even further away.

Now that I’m 32 (as of 2019), age almost never comes up any more. I almost exclusively go for 18-23yo girls (I have my Tinder set to this age range & in person I hit on young university students more than any other demographic). None of them give the slightest shit how I old I am.

Truth is, girls love me at 32 way more than they ever did when I was 20. And really it has nothing to do with age – it’s that I now have my shit together and am worth them spending time with me.

My other mates who get laid are around the same age as me – and they consistently & easily get laid with 18-25yo girls.

Any girls that think I’m too old for them, no stress – we just aren’t compatible. You can’t expect every girl to like you and be a good fit for you. I just move on and find the ones who don’t care about age.

Age Doesn't Matter
Andy as a Baby, circa 1987

I’m confident even in my 40s and 50s I’ll still be banging 18-23 year olds. I’ll be much more confident and experienced and better at getting laid, and I’ll be an expert at finding the girls who dig older guys. There’ll be a smaller dating pool for me to choose from (there aren’t as many 18yo girls who dig 50yo guys), but I’ll be better at capitalising on the opportunities to bang the ones who are into older dudes.

The Takeaway

You can’t let age be something that holds you back. If you’re insecure about your age, it’s not the age itself that’s making you insecure – you’d likely be insecure no matter what age you are. I’ve met guys who feel “too old” at 40, at 30, at 25, and even a few who are 20 fucking years old and spout absolute nonsense like, “I’m too old to get with 18 year old chicks now, I’ve missed out.” If you feel like you’re “too old” at 20, then clearly you’re insecure to begin with – independent of your actual age. That’s something you can (and should) work on.

You need to stop making excuses and be vulnerable enough to open yourself up to possible rejection. No matter your age, go out there and talk to the girls you want to talk to, and just see what happens.